We set-up the most up to date processing facility of Hungary in 2020 for sorting and recycling of bottle glass. The implemented German technological line provides optimal sorting quality for glass production sites. This technology offers highest sorting quality level, magnetizable and non-magnetizable metals, paper and plastic are fully extracted, while 4pcs of optic scanners sort out ceramic and wired glass parts.

Our sorting methods provide a sorting accuracy of up to 1-2% for colours – fulfilling suppliers’ requirements.

In case of three shifts our capacity range is up to 60.000t per annum.

We identified three material streams at collection:

  • collecting consumer glass packaging by contracting entities (private usage)
  • Glass of industrial origin – production rejects, also at bottle filling
  • Collection by commercial stores (deposit bottles)
  • Consumer waste (bottles of the HoReCa-sector: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés and other glass waste of the catering sector)

We provide containers in accordance with our partners’ needs in quality and size that matches best. We also offer our collection service. The processed material shall return as bottle glass to the economy.

We do hope that deposit fee shall return to the Hungarian market, thus the glass waste shall avoid being delivered to landfill only. By recollection of the glass waste circular economy is genuinely supported.

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