Re-Glass covers the whole territory of Hungary with a business activity of over 25 years, collecting and processing all kinds of waste glass (bottle glass, flat glass, windshield, solar cells, etc.)

Last year, our renewed, however, 100% Hungarian owned company collected and processed 42.000t of waste glass. We have all necessary items in order to execute our activity on this specific field of business, including licences, staff, equipment.

Our central headquarters is in Orosháza, the city that has a continuous glass production from 1960 on, while we also have our affiliates in Budapest and Mezőörs. By having these affiliates we provide full coverage of the country and offer waste glass collection and recycling at highest possible efficacy and up to date methods that also maintain environmental protecion persperctives at the same time:

  • our new, German technology sorts waste glass for colour, thus we can provide glass production facilities, fulfilling their ever growing quality demands
  • remaining, non-glass waste shall not go to landfills, however, they will be also recycled

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